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R29R29 Series High Precision Screen Printer


The all-new R29 series of screen printers bring major advances in the technology and functionality of mid range stand-alone solder paste printers. Providing features and user benefits previously only found in more expensive SMT printers.

The R29 series delivers unrivalled performance at affordable prices.

An easy-to-use Windows based interface combined with state of the art microcontroller based servo electronics, provides precise repeatable control of all printer functions.

High accuracy, fine pitch printing is achievable with the easy-to-use vision system option, which along with the low running costs and outstanding reliability make the R29 series of printers the ideal choice for a wide range of production environments. Printing onto 01005 and 0201 size pads are no problem for this machine.

Main Features

  • 29" standard frame (multi-purpose screen frame adptor is available for smaller sizes).
  • Robust yet precise mechanical construction with outstanding printhead stability.
  • Closed loop servo motion control.
  • Dual squeegee print carriage.
  • Automatic stencil loading, positioning, clamping and ejection..
  • Vertical motion profile for stencil/pcb separation.
  • Interlocks incorporated for safe operation.
  • Easy-to-use twin camera vision system for ultra-fine pitch printing. (Inc Digital Zoom facility)
  • Optional underscreen cleaner with standard wet/dry operation or with additional vacuum filter option..

Easy To Operate

All functions of the printer can be controlled via the custom written Windows based interface. Operators need no special expertise and minimal training. Using the unique button driven cursor, this user-friendly program allows easy access to the extensive feature set.

  • Fully programmable print parameters
  • Unlimited board file data storage.
  • Backup of board file data to disc or network.
  • Product setup wizard for fast, reliable product configuration.
  • User password protection.
  • Extensive built-in diagnostics.
  • Simple 'point and click' operation for vision setup
  • Alternative language options.

Simple low cost maintenance

From its inception, the R29 series of printers have been designed for minimal maintenance. The rack and pinion drive system and quality bearings of the print carriage require virtually no maintenance.

Access to the computer, electrical and pneumatic control boxes are from the front of the machine and easy removal of the rear panels gives you fully access to the rest of the printer.  The open , uncluttered design of the machine makes this a very easy machine to work with.

A special menu is provided withing the interface software to assist maintenance and thereby further reduce downtime and expense.

Absolute Precision

Exceptional printing accuracy, quality and repeatability are achieved using a dedicated state-of-the-art motor contol system combined with a robust yet precise mechanical structure. The print carriage moves on hard wearing, high precision linear bearings. Pinpoint alignment is acheived in a precision carrier providing exceptionally accurate screen regisration.

Servo motor control of the worktable and print carriage, coupled with the stepper motor dual squeegee mechanism ensures unbetabale printing every time. 



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